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BoB Clubs Ireland
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Business Description

At Prosper we market an online system that allows Business Owners to follow up with their prospects, clients and referral partners while also staying in touch with your loyal customers over time. I call the system my secret marketing weapon.

In a busy and sometimes noisy social media world our system allows you have your business stand out from that busy crowd

In 5-10 minutes per day, or up to 1 hour per week the Send Out Cards system allows you to, on your computer or your phone write a card in your own handwriting a card to thank appreciate and follow up with your prospects, loyal customers and referral partners.

  When you hit the send button Send Out Cards will print the card, put it in an envelope and then post the card directly to your recipient to arrive in 5-7 days.

You can an individual card to a single recipient but you can also send multiple cards to single or multiple recipients which is great for marketing campaigns.

We also have a comprehensive gift section that you can include with the card

We can brand the card directly to your business and provide you with your own handwriting font together with signatures

If you would like to try out the system go to and you can send 2 cards to someone you would like appreciate or inform