Malvern-Hills Club Members

Andrea Palmer
Human Resources
Andrew Holmes
Heating Engineer
Clare Roberts
Beauty Services
Deb Macmillan
Life Coach
Visitor Host
Dr Dave Bird
Marketing Strategy & Video Production
Goss Lumsden
Mortgage Broker
Referral Manager
Joel Davies
Club Photographer
John Keene
Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)
Josh Guest
Lettings & Property Management
Kerry Hopkins
Virtual Business Administration
Mark Roughley
Michael Newnham
R & D Tax Relief Specialist
Neil Copeland
Travel Consultant
Visitor Host
Penny Weir
Richard Frazer
Vehicle Leasing & Asset Finance
Regional Director
Robert Burns
Financial Planner
Clinic Lead
Sadie Skipworth
Social Media Management
Visitor Host
Samantha Sinclair-Day
Deputy Chairperson
Simon Hollingshead
Business & Residential Utilities Provider
Time Keeper
Sue Thomas
Health and Nutrition
Tracey Meakin
Funeral Services